A Natural Taste from Branch to Table

Gemlik Cooperative


The headquarters of the L.L. Gemlik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative was established in Gemlik, which is a gulf district bordering Bursa center, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, and Kestel districts in the south, Mudanya district in the west, Yenişehir and Orhangazi districts in the east, and Yalova province in the north. Gemlik is located at the intersection point of 29o E longitude and 40o N latitude. Gemlik is 29 km away from Bursa. The area of the district is 413.50 km², the population is 89,197 according to the census of the year 2000. The district includes Umurbey, Kurşunlu, and Küçükkumla Municipalities, as well as 19 villages. 

Founded by olive producers in 1941 and numbered 72, Gemlik Koza Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative took the name 72 Gemlik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative in 1951. According to the decision reached by the board on 28.03.1954 numbered 48, MARMARABİRLİK was founded as an olive cooperatives association covering cooperatives in Mudanya and Erdek. An alteration was made in the articles of association in 2001, limiting the territory of activity of the partnership, the phrase” limited liability” added to the title of the cooperative and its name altered as L.L. 72 Gemlik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative. According to the re-determination, the territory was as follows: Gemlik, Demirtaş Demirtaş, Çataltepe, Alaşar, Ovaakça, Selçukgazi, Dürdane, İsmetiye, Karabalçık, Seçköy, Avdancık villages of Bursa and Armutlu district and Fıstıklı, Kapaklı, and Mecidiye villages of Yalova. The objective of the cooperative, with 8 depots each with 10.500 tons of storage capacity in Gemlik, has been to establish a partnership among the producers, to provide their requirements, to help producers use their product in the best way, and to improve their economic benefits. Our cooperative, with 40 thousand tons of production from 2,500,000 olive trees with the boundaries of Gemlik, produces 15 thousand tons of olive from 1,000.000 olive trees in the partnership territory of our cooperative in Yalova and Bursa.

L.L. 72 Gemlik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative is a leading organization serving over 15 thousand people. The fundamental role of the cooperative has been to increase the value of olive production of associate producers while serving the best-quality and healthy olives to the consumers’ taste. Especially th table olives, produced in the groves of the district with suitable climate and geographical conditions have worldwide popularity. There are 3,327 registered associates. In addition, Gemlik includes the biggest two olive marketplaces in Turkey. One of them is the wholesale marketplace and the other is the producer marketplace.