A Natural Taste from Branch to Table

Mürefte Cooperative


L.L. 987 Mürefte Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative was established in Müfrete city on 25.10.1986. By the alteration in the articles of association in 2001, the cooperative took the title “Limited Liability” (L.L.). Our cooperative conduct its activities in 12 territories, as follows: Mürefte, Hoşköy, Şarköy, Güzelköy, Gaziköy, Tepeköy, Çınarlı, Kirazlı, Yukarı Kalamış, Aşağı Kalamış, Eriklice, İğdebağlar with 2,365 registered partners.

Our cooperative provides service with 23 personnel in various offices and depots; the cooperative has 603 pools with a total of 7,084 tons of pooling and ripening capacity; 300 pools of 5,000 kg capacity at the center of Müfrete, and 333 pools of 6,500 kg capacity. The region has approximately 410,484 olive trees, with an estimated harvest of 6,000 tons per year.

L.L. 987 Mürefte Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative provides service to 10,000 people. The objective of our cooperative is to provide benefits for the people of the region, to process olive oils bought from the producers in the healthiest conditions and place them in the market with the best prices and to keep the producer-consumer price balance stable.