A Natural Flavor From it’s Branch to Your Table


Edincik is a city of Bandırma district. The city borders Gönen to the south, Manyas to the southeast, Erdek to the north and Bandırma to the east. Edincik is 12 km from Bandırma. The city has a area of 35657 square meters. The 2000 general censuses put the population at 5200 citizens.  


Until 1976, producers of Edincik deliver their products to Erdek Cooperative. In 1976, Edincik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative was established, territory of which was covering Bandırma, Edincik, Gönen, Karacabey, Manyas and villages in these distrits. But an alteration is made in the charter of cooperation in 2001, limiting the territory of activity of the association (Bandırma, Edincik, and villages) phrase” limited responsible” is added to the title of the cooperative and its name altered as R.L775 Edincik Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative. Our cooperative covers 30 consortium territories, as follows: Edincik city boundaries, Şirinçavuş, Misakça, Buğdaylı and  Çifteçeşmeler village of Gönen, Yeşilçomnu Village of Bandırma, and Dağkadı, Çavuşköyü and İsmetpaşa villages of Karacabey. The number of active regsitred partner in our cooperative is 2.694. Our cooperative continues its activities with 20 personnel and with 4 depots each having a storage capacity of 9050 kg. These depots contain 1466 pools for processing and storage of the olive harvest.