A Natural Flavor From it’s Branch to Your Table


Our cooperative decided to join to "Association of Bursa Olive and Cocoon Agriculture Sale Cooperative" in the result of the meeting held on 14.09.1953. The cooperative performs its activities under this association for some while. Then, as it has not succeeded in achieve its goals, separates from Bursa Olive and Koza agriculture Sales Cooperative on 22.05.1954. Shareholders decide to establish an Association of Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperatives by the participation of Cooperatives in Gemlik, Mudanya and Erdek. This cooperative has been the first fonder member of the Association of Marmara Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperatives.  


Started to business with 45 partners, our cooperative now services over 4.897 partners, thanks to the proper market, service and price policy provided to the partners.  


Our cooperative had no own immovable in the initial years. We covered the management offices and olive depot demands of our cooperative by means of leasing.  


By the year 1952, thanks to the utmost effort of al managers and personnel, 300 m2 management building, depots with nr 5,6,7 constructed on the 6304 m2 area in the Alaaddin Quarter and depots with nr 1.2.3,4 established on a 1543 m2 area, sales store, olive oil factory and 2 company houses in the Yalı quarter Hükümet road, were included in the body of our cooperative.  


On May 2005, depots with nr 1,2,3,4 were terminated as they completed their life. On 25.12.2004, 35.000 m2 field at the Erdek Gedeve location was purchased for depot purpose. 


During the initial years olive supply capacity of our partners to our cooperative was approximately 40-50 tons pert year, which is 9.000 tons per year, thanks to the partners trust and financial and economical supports provided by our cooperative to its partners.  


Trillions of fees paid for the product our partners sufficiently satisfied partner producers of our cooperative.   


Due to low business volume of our cooperative during early years of establishment, only 3-4 personnel were working; due to rapid development today our cooperative employs 1 director, 1 Accountant, 1 casher, 5 officers, 1 servant, 7 experts and assistant expert, 2 drivers and 10 workers, also provides work opportunity for people of the region, by employing temporary workers during the product purchase period.  


We remember with a great gratitude people who brought our cooperative to present, and other managers worked according to the foundation chart of the cooperative.