A Natural Taste from Branch to Table


MARMARABİRLİK, that is first come back when it is daisOLIVE, is located in an arch surrounded by the İznik Lakeon the east and Mürefte in Thracian on the west, extends along the south costs of Marmara Sea, from where it takes its name.

Marmarabirlik, with the aim of cultivating and marketing the most quality edible olives of the world in better conditions, is an association of Agricultural Sales Cooperatives established in 1954 by the region olive cultivators within a mutual assistance and cooperation.

Marmarabirlik, like the other agricultural sales cooperatives and associations in the country, has been established in accordance with the 02/11/1935 dated and 2834 numbered legal provisions related to “Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Associations” and with the main agreement prepared based on these provisions. Some legal amendments are realized during the time for having more active, productive, sustainable and autonomous structure and for a restructuring, and the main agreement prepared based on the 4572 numbered legal provisions about the “Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Associations” published in 06/12/2000 date and 24270 numbered Official Gazette, became applicable with the approval of plenary committee held on 02/06/2001. With this main agreement, the name of Marmarabirlik is changed as “S.S. Marmara Zeytin Tarım Satış Kooperatifleri Birliği” by adding limited liability according to its autonomous and private structure.

Marmarabirlik is the world’s biggest olive association that is established Gemlik, Mudanya and Erdek Cooperatives coming together at the beginning and then having a global brand status by developing within the time.

Today, it covers Gemlik (1942), Mudanya (1951), Orhangazi (1955) and İznik (1970) Cooperatives in Bursa, Erdek (1952), Edincik (1976) and Marmara Island (1988) Cooperatives in Balıkesir and Mürefte (1986) Cooperative in Tekirdağ city, and purchasing-production and marketing activities are carried out with the retail sales store and olive-olive oil-oil crushing, processing and packaging at Başköy Integrated Facilities in Bursa.

Marmarabirlik’s administrative center is in Bursa and its activity subject is to process the olives cultivated by the partners in South Marmara Region, as edible olives, olive oil and olive paste and to market them to domestic and foreign markets.

Marmarabirlik is the biggest olive producer establishment that takes place amongst the biggest 500 industrial establishments in the country and serving to hundred thousands of domestic and foreign consumers with its 32.235 registered olive cultivators, its management staff taking power from the producer and its qualified personnel consists of 405 people and its affiliate cooperatives and processing plants.

Marmarabirlik has established on a total area of 403 thousand square meters with a closed area of 136 thousand square meters, and a storage and ripen capacity of 70.400 tones, and it is a very important industrial establishment providing added value for the Turkish economy with a olive packing capacity of approximately 150 tones/day and olive oil production and filling of 220 tones/day in a hygenic place in its modern plants.

Marmarabirlik purchases and processes approximately 40-45% of the edible black olive cultivated in the region and serves its products to whole country with 60 agencies in 53 cities, to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, NCTR, Bulgaria and to whole Europe with contractual buyer companies and furthermore to Canada and Australia markets especiallt to America.

Marmarabirlik, in the edible brine black olive in our country, is;

  • Regulator,
  • Price setter,
  • Market formation director,
  • Informative and organizer,
  • an establishment that is fulfilling its duties of playing the leading role in innovations, a multiple and indispensable for the economy of the country