A Natural Taste from Branch to Table

Mission / Vision





“To purchase the olives cultivated by our partners, to process these olives in modern, healthy and hygienic places as edible olive, olive paste and olive oil in accordance with the customers’ demands and taste, for this aim to improve all works and processes continuously and to bring them forward to the quality, to develop the capacity required for storing and ripening the olives, to promote the products in domestic and foreign markets and to provide highest benefits our producer partners as much as possible.”


“To produce the world’s best-quality edible olives with our customer-focused structure that is open to continuous change and development, to be one of the leading companies in the sales and marketing in the food industry, especially in edible olive sector, to serve our customers with the best-quality products and provide the best service by the support of our partner producers and to create a sustainable and competitive Association and Cooperative structure as to provide the highest benefits to our producer partners with the production process in the marketing of our products.”