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R.L189 Orhangazi Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative is established in Orhangazi. Orhangazi is located on the Bursa-Yalova road at and by the west coastal of a fertile basin on the one of the most beautiful lakes of the world surrounded by Samanlı and Kartal Mountains, Lake iznik, with a population of 55 thousands. Orhangazi becomes as a district in 1893. By this date, the district shows a rapid development, taking the name “Orhangazi” in 1913. Major means of existences of the population are agriculture, stock rising, olive, worldwide popular Gedelek pickle, fruit grooving and forestry. Orhangazi covers 25 villages, Yeniköy, Cihanköy, Çeltekçi, Gemiç, Akharım, Narlıca, Heceler, Bayırköy, Mahmudiye, Selimiye, Örnekköy, Dutluca, Fındıklı, Hamzalı, Paşapınar, Üreğil, Karsak, Keramet, Sölöz, Çakırlı, Yeni Gürle, Gedelek, Gürle and Yeni Sölöz. Most of these villages are located by the costal side and deals with olive cultivation. The city also includes many important industrial establishments, such as Asilçelik, Ce-Sa, Döktaş, Elsan, Eltem, Kav, Ormo, Oran Tekstil, Yenisan and Angora Textile. Mosaic is another major means of existence of the population of the district. 


In 1955, 33 olive producers establish 189 Orhangazi Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative. In 2001, an alteration is made in the charter of the Cooperative, re-determining the territory of activity of the association, phrase” limited responsible” is added to the title of the cooperative and its name altered as R.L189 Orhangazi Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative. The district has 30 partner territories; 23 being inside the district boundaries, and 7 being villages of Yalova province, Çınarcık, Esenköy, Teşvikiye, Şenköy, Kocadere, Koruköy and Altınova villages. The number of partner in these partner territories is 2.469. In the territories of our district and Yalova, there are 1.800.000 olive trees, with a production volume of 30.000 tons per year  


Our cooperative, with 11 employees in the offices and depots, with 10 depots each with 1581 tons capacity, and 1421 brine pools in these depots, and a meeting hall, furnishes the best quality service to its people.


Under the 27th Orhangazi Olive festival, following activities will be organized in our district. Olive Beauty Contest, Olive Grain Beauty Contest, Festival Caravan Contest, Olive oil Meals and Desserts Contest, Concerts and Panels.