A Natural Taste from Branch to Table
About Olive Paste

Our company, which is the biggest olive producer, has adopted a discipline to continuously renew itself for serving you the olive, olive oil and olive best way for your taste.  

Marmarabirlik olive paste is made of fully naturally brined and edible olives. The black olive paste, which is prepared with care, contains all the foods in olive and the olive oil. The olive oil which is an edible puree with fair qualities is prepared with walnut, and such spices like garlic, mint, oregano and cumin.

Our product, out of its nutrious side, comes to front with its appetizing quality. Our olive paste, which can be protected for 2 years under proper storage conditions, is served for your taste in jars of 175 gr. and 340 gr. and in tin cans of 3 kg. as elegant and with spices in domestic and foreign markets.